UPHS – Bell Heroes | Maria Dewitt, CNA

Maria Dewitt, Certified Nursing Assistant in the Acute Care Unit at UP Health System – Bell.

What is your title and role at UPHS – Bell?
I am a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Acute Care Unit for UP Health System – Bell.

What was your inspiration for getting into healthcare?
Helping patients in a variety of ways to help them feel good is something I love.

What’s a typical day like for you? What is it like working in this field?
Working in the healthcare field, there is never a typical day. Every day comes with its own new set of issues and problems. The fact that I work with a bunch of amazing people in the hospital is helpful. We are a team no matter what the day brings. My day starts with vitals, weigh-ins, and a complete check on how every patient is doing. I am responsible for getting them up for the day, their breakfast, assisting them in any way I can to help make their life a little easier. Next, I make sure to help out the nurses and get the patients home safely and healthy. My goal is to help make the patient feel like they have a home-away-from-home here, and we care for them like they are our family.

How long have you been employed here? Have you always been in the same position?
I have been at Bell for over a year and I have been in the U.P. for nine years. During this time, I have worked for Marquette and Bell, as well as in the clinic setting.

What are some of the big changes you have experienced in this position?
Healthcare is ever-changing. Some patients require more intense treatment, and there are many moving parts to a patient’s stay in the hospital. Our team takes it in stride and we all work together to help the patient and their family.

What are some of your interests outside of work? What/where is your favorite local gem?
I love the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. I am a big ice fisher. I also have three dogs, and one is a wonderful Pyrenees, which I am putting through dog therapy training. She is a lover and loves to make people feel better. Pet therapy dogs are very helpful for the healing process – the patients and staff really enjoy this.

What do you enjoy most about working at UPHS – Bell?
We are a family, we look out for each other and we are always willing to help, with our patients being number one. We have amazing providers, who are willing to help and listen. Helping people and making a difference no matter how small it may be, will always be important. No matter where you are in UP Health System – Bell, everyone is friendly and here to support our community. Frontliners are what we are and we could never do that without our amazing team, leadership, and great community.

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