UPHS – Bell Heroes | Julie Solka, Accounting Coordinator

What is your title and role at UPHS – Bell? Accounting Coordinator. I make sure all the invoices are paid for the facility. 

How long have you been employed here? Have you always been in the same position? I have been employed at UPHS – Bell for just over 10 years and just started my new position in June. My previous position was Volunteer Coordinator/Auxiliary Liaison. 

What does a typical day look like for you? Every day is different but very busy. Thankfully, I like to be busy and this is a perfect job for me. 

Tell us a little bit about your family: I have been married to my husband, Dean, for 31 years and together we have four children, Cody, Zach, Allyson, and Lucas. We also have two grandchildren, Adeline and Jolene. We are fortunate to have our children and grandchildren living nearby with two living in the Copper Country, one in Ishpeming, and one in Marquette. 

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Since the children are out of the house, I am hoping to get back into my previous hobbies which included quilting and hoping to join a book club again. 

What is your favorite U.P. gem? Anywhere in the U.P. I believe is a great place to be. We like traveling to different places in the U.P. that we haven’t been to before stopping at places that just catch our eye. You never know the great places and people that you meet along the way. 

What is your favorite part about working for UPHS – Bell? I know that everyone says the people that work at Bell and the patients that come here, but honestly, that is exactly it. The employees here work together and help out wherever/whenever they can and the patients that come in are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. It is an extended family and I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else at this point in my life. 

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