UPHS – Bell Heroes | Gerry Brown, MT (ASCP), Laboratory Director

What is your title AND role at UPHS – Bell? Laboratory Director. My role is to manage laboratory operations to ensure quality and viability for the community.

How long have you been employed here? Have you always been in the same position? I have been employed at Bell since 2009. I started in the I.T. department as a Clinical Analyst to build and train staff on Meditech and other clinical system applications. While in this role, I implemented the Laboratory Information System and many parts of Meditech including the EMR. While working as Clinical Analyst, I had my hands in many clinical projects and wore many hats. I controlled & managed most Meditech operations for several years. One of my biggest accomplishments other than successful Meditech implementation was being an important key team player to be one of the first Michigan hospitals to achieve Meaningful Use Stage I. Some other important projects that I completed were the implementation of Medical Necessity & ICD-10. I started as Laboratory Director in August 2018. My laboratory background spans 20+ years, and I have prepared for a long time for this role. I am very thankful to be part of an amazing laboratory team. Recently, we just passed our inspection from our lab regulatory agency (COLA).

What does a typical day look like for you? A typical day for me can be summed up in 1 word:  multitasking. You will find me actively working on many things at the same time. The lab crew calls me a squirrel as I jump around from here to there and often set my papers down all over the place only to return to get them again. I spend my time managing lab operations, creating procedures, reviewing Quality control, reporting results, spreadsheets, data gathering and review, Meditech management, project tracking, and most of all “TEAMWORK”. The lab has a very talented staff that is full of ideas and I ensure to tap their resources and work on daily projects with each of them. When I arrive home, I enjoy dinner with my family where we discuss our day. I feel this communication is very important for families and make every effort to keep this going regularly as much as possible. I then spend my evenings with my boys as much as I can. Fishing, baseball, football, bike rides, walks, skiing, boating.  Basically, I’ll do anything just to be doing it with my boys.

Tell us a little bit about your family: I have the most amazing wife (Alison) who is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and also works at UPHS – Bell. We have been together for 32 years. I cannot thank her enough for all of the support she has provided and how she helps with day to day operations at home. I have two beautiful angels – Landon (13) and Evan (10). Landon loves the outdoors, golfing, fishing, swimming, biking, telling stories, teaching younger kids, and laughing. Evan enjoys sports (baseball/football), swimming, music, and making people laugh. My boys keep me young and active as we engage in many new activities together.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? I love Music, Outdoors, art, and anything that my kids will do with me. I am a family man at heart.

What is your favorite season? We are truly blessed by living in such a beautiful area as we get to experience all four seasons. However, summer is my absolute favorite. I really enjoy seeing Lake Superior, the blue sky, and breathing the cool fresh air that blows in. This is something amazing that I never take for granted. You can always find me sitting by the water on a breezy day, having coffee, playing my guitar, chillin’ under a shade tree, or sitting with my family enjoying all the beauty around us.

What is your favorite part about working for UPHS – Bell? My favorite part about working at Bell is working together as a team to provide great quality care for our community. I love to see a smile on someone’s face and know that not only did we help them, but we did a great job. I am greeted every day with amazing staff that wants to make this a great place to work. It is because of those around me that I enjoy being here so much. Bell is like family to me, and I don’t see it any other way.

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