UPHS – Marquette Heroes: Matt Flynn, PT

What is your official title?

Physical Therapist. I’ve been here for just about 26 years.

What was your motivation for a career in healthcare?

I used to be a lumberjack and have my own business. I was dating a girl who was going to med school, and when she was studying, I would just pick up one of her books and thought that the medical field was interesting. I looked at my life, and thought how I was making a living, but I wasn’t helping anyone else out. I put together my interests in the medical field, a field where I could help other people and I finally decided to go to physical therapy school. 

What drew you to physical therapy?

The closeness you can get with your patients and the difference you can make in their lives. The more I studied it, and the more I volunteered, the more I was sure that it was for me.

I came to Marquette and thought I would come to the big hospital and learn for two or three years from the other therapists. I put down roots, started a family and just never moved.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I’m busy. I usually work on the acute care floors, and most days are very busy. I tell some of the students I have that it’s pretty amazing that you never look at the clock and think, “Aww, I got two more hours.” It’s the opposite; the days just fly by — even after 26 years. 

In what areas do you help patients?

The biggest thing is we do a lot of education. Our main focus is getting people to the point physically where they can return home or the best living situation possible. We help get them where they need to go. Some need to go to a rehab unit or some people need to go to a nursing home for a while to get through the health care decisions that are best for them. 

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I do a lot of outdoor stuff: hunting, fishing and camping. I do a lot of stuff with our church. And I’m really busy outside of work with raising three kids and a couple of them going off to college. 

What is your favorite part about working at UPHS-Marquette?

It’s just meeting all the people from all over the UP and their families and seeing people get better and go home. It’s just so rewarding. You can do a lot of jobs, but to find something you really enjoy, it’s quite a blessing.

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