UPHS – Marquette Heroes: Sharon Rozman

It’s the unique daily challenges that have kept Sharon Rozman motivated throughout a career with UPHS that dates back to June 14, 1977. She started out as a housekeeper for a year before working in logistics for three years. Then, she found her calling as a pharmacy technician.

“When I worked in logistics, I used to have to deliver all the patients’ medications,” she said. “That really interested me. Positions came open and I applied, and it just worked out they were training new techs, so it was a good opportunity for me.”

“I feel very good about this job for the simple fact I wouldn’t have stuck with it if I didn’t enjoy it so much. You get educated on a lot of different medications, so there’s always something to learn and that’s what I enjoy about this department.”

What is a typical day like for you?

It depends on the job we have to do that day. We might be on the floors all day, or we might be on the carousel. Some people are in the IV room. You pretty much do what has to be done as far as a job. Helping each other out is the main thing, and just making sure to get the patients’ meds on time so they don’t have to wait.

What have the technological changes been like in pharmacy over the years?

It’s a lot different. When we first started as techs, we didn’t have a computer system; we had to write everything out. Our first computer system, it was a lot different and made things easier to do sometimes. I’ve seen a lot of transition and a lot of changes, and I’m just glad we don’t have to write anything out anymore. 

“Change is a good thing and people have to realize health care is always changing, and if you don’t change or adapt with it, you’ll be lost.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to redo furniture like repainting and stripping. I used to do a lot of jewelry but sort of backed off on that for health reasons. But you know, mostly I just enjoy life.

What is your favorite part about working at UPHS?

I like to be on the floors. I used to do a lot of floor checks in the old hospital, and I like the interaction with the nurses and with the patients. 


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