Heroes of UPHS – Portage: Kimberly Peterson, Patient Financial Representative

What is your title and role at UPHS-Portage? I am a Patient Financial Representative; I bill commercial insurance companies and work at the Houghton Family Health Center. 

How long have you been employed here? Have you always been in the same position? I have been back with Portage for just over a year. I was previously employe by Portage for about 8 years and started off doing data entry, then I moved into a Patient Service Representative position at the Houghton Clinic and finally a Patient Financial Representative before I left. When I came back in mid-November 2018, I went right back into the billing department as a Patient Financial Representative and I work out of the Houghton Family Health Center.

What does a typical day look like for you? I work at the Houghton Family Health Center, so a typical day for me contains: checking patients out from appointments, collecting copays, scheduling follow-up appointments, answering billing questions, and taking payments. I also send out claims to the insurance companies and follow up on the remits and explanation of benefits that are sent back to insure the claim was processed correctly.

Tell us a little bit about your family. I live in L’Anse and have two children, Brian is 16 and Madison is 12, along with a very sassy chocolate lab Buster Brown who is 2. 

What is your favorite local restaurant and why? My favorite local restaurants are Whirl-I-Gig pizza, Pizza Shack subs, and Irene’s Pizza.

What are your favorite hobbies? I enjoy camping, walking, enjoying the outdoors, reading, and watching my kids play sports. 

What is the most important thing you’ve learned in the last five years? Live life to the fullest and always look for something positive in each day – some days this is harder than others, but by always focusing on the positive, it makes the tough parts of life a little less harsh. 

What is your favorite part about working for UPHS – Portage? My co-workers both in the Billing Office and at the Houghton Family Health Center are all great to work with. We all work so well together, it makes going to work enjoyable. That along with being able to help the patients whether it is answering billing questions, clarifying a question from their visit or just opening the door for them. 

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