UP Health System donates $10,000 to Noqumenon Trail Network

MARQUETTE — In conjunction with its mission of “Making Communities Healthier,” UP Health System donated $10,000 to the Noquemanon Trail Network to support the maintenance of the central UP’s non-motorized trails, which are home to numerous outdoor activities, including: hiking, trail running, mountain biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and walking.

Janell Larson, Regional Director of Marketing and Business Development at UPHS, presented a check to Jason Rolling, Director of the Noquemanon Ski Marathon, and Nikki Dewald Swenson on Monday at UPHS.

“Our mission of health fits in well with UPHS, with being active and being healthy,” Rolling said. “The sponsorship allows us to put the right face on the race. It’s a great health organization doing healthy things for a community of healthy people.”

The Noquemanon Ski Marathon is set to take place from Jan. 24-26 and can draw as many as 15,000 people to the area. The event offers participants one of the premier point-to-point cross country ski epics in the United States. In addition to supporting the event, the contribution from UPHS will assist in the grooming efforts of the trail maintenance, such as funding the staff of professional groomers, insurance and equipment maintenance.

“We got a nasty ice storm and snowstorm and still had 26 miles of trail that needed to be fixed just to put the race on,” Rolling said. “To be able to rely on a strong partner to pay for fuel, get out there and get these trails open so people can enjoy it. Without UPHS, it wouldn’t be possible. It’s very important and strategic.

“We’re very thankful that we have an organization like UP Health System in Marquette that’s willing to be partnered with an organization like ours that’s a nonprofit. They understand the mission of what we do and support it in a way that the community can benefit from it.”

For more information about the Noquemenon Ski Marathon, click here.

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