UPHS – Bell Employee Spotlight: Hannah Holsworth

What is your title with UPHS-Bell? 

Clinical Informatics Specialist.

What drew you to Bell? 

The reputation for quality and commitment to patient care.

People would be surprised if they knew:   

I live on a 10-acre hobby farm in Skandia with sheep, pigs, rabbits, and chickens.

Tell us about your family.  

I have three children, Ailee is almost 11, Anja is 8 and Micah is 4. We stay busy with sports and 4H.

Name something on your bucket list. 

A train ride through Canada.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy Project Management and day to day interactions/assistance with co-workers.

Do you have a favorite quote? 

“What comes out of your mouth has power to breathe life or death.”

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