New equipment continues to be installed in new hospital

MARQUETTE — In addition to the new signage being displayed on the exterior of the new UPHS — Marquette facility, more hospital equipment continues to be installed.

On Friday, Nov. 2, a Varian TrueBeam 2.7 Linear Accelerator was brought into the new hospital.

“It’s a fundamental piece of our radiation oncology department,” said UPHS — Marquette Physicist, Ximin Du. “It delivers radiation to all of the patients that are receiving radiation treatments.”

This new piece of equipment will be an upgrade over the TrueBeam 1.5 Linear Accelerator that’s used at the current hospital. The updated technology will better serve the patients at UPHS — Marquette.

“The TrueBeam 2.7 will bring in better imaging capabilities,” Du said. “There will be other energies we can deliver, but most importantly, we’ll have a six-degree freedom couch that allows for all translation and rotational positioning, so patients can be more accurately aligned to the treatment area.”

“It’s only been seven years and we are already getting a brand new machine — not just an upgrade. I think it’s wonderful that LifePoint is willing to put the investment in and make sure the community gets the latest and best technologies out there so that patients can receive the most up-to-date care they can.”

The riggers began the process of piecing the machine together on Friday. The installation team will arrive today (Nov. 5) and it will take them an entire month to fine tune the machine so it meets the minimum specifications of the vendor and our expectations — known as acceptance testing. Then, the physicist will begin commissioning the linear accelerator, which is to take measurements specific to this machine and input the data acquired into the software. This is required since every linear accelerator is built separately, and minor differences can significantly impact treatment outcome. The entire process for the machine to be ready for clinical treatment will take a minimum of three months.

Signage at the new hospital is now displayed.

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