Heather Heuer receives Excellence in Healthcare Award for UPHS – Marquette

UP Health System – Marquette CEO Brian Sinotte presents Heather Heuer with the Excellence in Healthcare Award.

MARQUETTE — Heather Heuer, the Lung Cancer Patient Navigator at UP Health System — Marquette, received the Excellence in Healthcare Award from UP Health System.

Heather has been in her role as lung cancer navigator since 2017. Since then, she has spearheaded the Low-Dose Computed Tomography program, Lung Lesion Conference, Smoking Cessation Classes and Chest Computerized Tomography follow-up.

Last year, she reviewed 1,276 Chest CTs which led to 28 malignancies found and followed up on 339 LDCTs, finding 10 malignancies. This past June, she was one of three presenters at the Lung Navigation Summit hosted by the Duke Cancer Network, where she highlighted the foundation of the UPHS — Marquette program, critical aspects of required reporting and the communication of diagnostic imaging findings.

“We had the loveliest note from Duke Cancer Network Senior Director, Caroline Hester, who literally raved about Heather, the program and what she’s done by walking everyone through the program,” said Brian Sinotte, UPHS — Marquette CEO. “She really connected in a community setting and inspired a lot of people.”

“Heather’s presentation resonated with and motivated others in community-based programs with ways to expand their own LDCT screening and navigation processes,” Hester added. “Heather’s attention to detail and passion for her role is making a difference for others at UPHS — Marquette. This accolade and other exemplary attributes make her an excellent selection for this award.”

In addition to her strong background in radiation oncology, Heather has built a reputation for delivering top-tier personal care to her patients. She accompanies patients to their surgical and oncology appointments to ensure they understand the diagnosis and treatment options available to them. When patients complete their treatment, she provides them with a comprehensive survivorship care plan to ensure they understand the screening going forward.

“Heather is very compassionate,” said Beth Schlegel, the Senior Director Oncology Services at UPHS — Marquette. “She is an advocate for her patients and is always willing to pick up the phone to get an earlier appointment time or assist a patient with resources for timely care. Heather is the epitome of excellence in healthcare.”

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