3-D Mammography Comes to UP Health System – Marquette

UP Health System – Marquette has announced that it is expanding its services to include 3-D mammography—also known as digital breast tomosynthesis—by offering this procedure to its patients.

Dr. Heidi Henry, board-certified radiologist at UP Health System – Marquette, noted “This cutting-edge technology reveals greater detail, which can help us detect cancer sooner. This new service helps us see the cancer much more clearly than in a regular mammogram. Early detection of breast cancer can save lives, and we believe it is important to provide the best options in healthcare to residents of the Upper Peninsula.”

3-D mammography is an FDA-approved advanced technology that takes multiple images of breast tissue. Images are displayed as a series of thin slices that can be viewed by our radiologists as individual images or in a dynamic interactive animation.  The exam is performed on state-of-the-art digital equipment, which is able to obtain multiple low-dose images of a compressed breast from different angles. These images are then viewed individually and dynamically. Radiologists are able to view breast tissue layer by layer, one millimeter at a time, similar to a CT scan.

There are many known benefits to 3-D mammography, including reduced callbacks. Tomosynthesis allows the radiologist to look at different layers of breast tissue, helping to distinguish normal breast tissue from abnormal breast tissue. Information from these additional views leads to fewer callbacks and less anxiety for women.

3-D mammography complements standard 2-D mammography. No additional breast compression is required and it only takes a few more seconds than a traditional mammogram. The experience is very similar to mammograms patients may have had in the past, while providing a substantially more detailed image.

The state-of-the-art 3-D mammography machine is a GE Pristina with 3-D tomosynthesis capability, which was made possible by a $320,000 capital investment from LifePoint Health.

Mammograms at UP Health System – Marquette can be scheduled by talking to your primary care provider.

Amy Racine is a breast imaging RN (left) and Heidi Henry, MD (right) is a board certified breast imaging radiologist at UP Health System – Marquette. 

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