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Marquette has a long tradition of strong healthcare. In fact, the Marquette City Hospital was originally founded before the turn of the previous century.

Over time, new buildings rose up; the hospital grew; we changed names. In 2011, what was then Marquette General Hospital partnered with Duke LifePoint Healthcare and shortly thereafter became UP Health System-Marquette, part of a three-hospital regional healthcare delivery system.

But we still are — and will always be — your community hospital.

Pivoting to become part of a large healthcare system like Duke LifePoint was a tough move to make. Let’s face it, our transition wasn’t perfect, and many Marquette residents saw the change as unwelcome. And we realize that there is still some confusion in the community about what that relationship means.

Our transition was a strategic move that helped to solidify the future of healthcare in the Upper Peninsula. Hospitals across the country that aren’t able to adapt to the changing nature of healthcare are closing their doors, at an alarming rate, and are often to be found in “crisis mode,” as put by Maggie Elehwany of the National Rural Health Association.

While we have certainly faced challenges, our doors have always been open. That is in large part because of the stability, resources, capital investments, and clinical guidance of Duke LifePoint.

Being part of a larger system has helped UP Health System-Marquette continue to provide life-saving services to the Upper Peninsula despite this very tumultuous national atmosphere in healthcare.

We are building, right now, a $300 million hospital that will serve the community for years to come. We do not see very many brand new $300 million hospitals going up in our country. This is far and above the most visible reminder of Duke LifePoint’s commitment to our community.

Beyond the new facility, UP Health System provides the Upper Peninsula’s only open heart program, neonatal intensive care unit, and is the only cancer care program accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer in the UP. We have the Uppr Peninsula’s only STEMI program, where patients with severe cardiac conditions are brought in by ambulance or helicopter, saving precious time, and going straight to our cath lab.

We have world-class doctors and medical staff who love Marquette. Plenty have roots in the Upper Peninsula and are proud to be saving lives in the community in which they were raised.

Others have come from across the U.S. for the vast recreational opportunities and quality of life in the great, wooded north. And many others have come because of the strength of our partnership with Duke LifePoint and the clinical resources available to them.

Five years ago, when we joined Duke LifePoint, the hospital was in a perilous position. But we’re now engaging in a process of profound cultural change, re-assessment of operations from top to bottom, and making swift changes to not only stabilize, but to become a world-class facility.

All along this journey, your friends and neighbors have been coming to this hospital every day, as members of our staff, working hard to keep you healthy. To save lives, to heal.

All the while, Duke LifePoint has been an ally in a tough battle to keep up with the ever-evolving field. They remain as a crucial, supportive force behind the scenes as we navigate the changing terrain.

Healthcare organizations across the country are eager to become part of the Duke LifePoint family. And we are here, now, setting ourselves up to succeed, leaving the rocky terrain behind.

But our success will always be because of our incredible teams, our fellow families and neighbors, working together to take care of you and your loved ones, making our communities healthier each and every day.

UP Health System-Marquette is your community hospital. We have been here for you, and will continue to be, when you need us most.

Brian Sinotte
CEO, UP Health System – Marquette

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